What We Do

Talent Solutions provides a consultative, solution-driven approach to talent alignment and acquisition by designing positions that fulfill organizational and university goals, recruiting top-tier talent to the University, and ensuring attractive, equitable, and competitive compensation to promote excellence in pursuit of NC State’s mission and goals. Talent Consultants partner with campus to design positions and recruit the best talent to their organizations while effectively administering the State of North Carolina and UNC system classification, employment, and compensation plans and policies.

Talent Solutions develops and administers services, programs, and consultative solutions centered around thoughtful human resources principles and practices; optimizing processes and systems for classification, recruitment, and selection; and designing and maintaining services, tools, and resources for our campus partners in order to create a knowledgeable and empowered community.

We provide strategic human resources consultation and services in the following areas:

  • Position Design and Organizational Analysis
  • SHRA Position Creation, Modification, and Classification
  • SHRA, EHRA, and Faculty Recruitment and Selection
  • SHRA Compensation Analysis and Strategy
  • SHRA Salary Administration
  • Dual Career (Spouse/Partner) Job Search Assistance, and
  • Relocation Information and Services

Our People: Who we are

We’re a team of diverse and skilled HR professionals with a solution-driven approach for human resources. With skillsets across classification, recruitment, selection, and compensation, we’re guides and consultants to you in creating the best structures and attracting the best people to fill your organization’s needs.

Talent Solutions Staff Directory