NC State utilizes the Office of State Human Resources Career Banding system to classify and compensate SHRA (Subject to the State Human Resources Act) positions across Campus. Career Banding links compensation, competency assessment, performance management, recruitment, and training and development.  Talent Solutions administers Career Banding for NC State, and is your resource for position development, classification, and compensation for all SHRA positions. Please note that all content on this page refers to policies and practices impacting employees who are subject to the State Human Resources Act. For more information on positions that are exempt from the State Human Resources Act (EHRA), visit the EHRA Administration page.

Creating New Positions

Departmental growth and restructuring may create the need to establish new positions.

Updating Existing Positions and Requesting Salary Changes

Position updates can occur at any time, and may be a result of departmental restructuring, growth in competencies, or preparation for a vacancy and job posting. At times, position updates may result in a reclassification (the assignment of an SHRA position to a different career band) or level change. Updating positions can also result in a related salary adjustment. The position update function is also used for other types of adjustments that are not related to a change in duties or competencies, such as market or equity increases.