Job Categories

The University of North Carolina system has worked for several years to design and implement a system-wide model to consistently categorize the broad range of positions that exist across all 17 of the constituent institutions of the university.

The JCAT model (which simply stands for “job categories”), provides a common set of definitions that are used to group similar positions.

The JCAT model categorizes jobs based on the actual work performed by each position, rather than primarily on job titles.  The JCATs are modeled after a system first implemented by the University System of Georgia in 2003, and they are built directly upon official federal IPEDS definitions used for reporting university positions nationally.

The JCATs are not job titles, and neither individual job titles nor salary ranges are affected directly by JCAT category assignments.   JCATs simply provide a streamlined way to help answer questions like, “How many IT positions are there on your campus?”

JCATs will support consistency across the UNC campuses in characterizing employee and job data for various reporting requirements at the federal, state, university system, and campus levels.  It is a work in progress, but the basic model was implemented in mid-2009.